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Beginning Google Maps Mashups

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The question is no longer just, "Can I put a Google Map on my website?" Instead, there's now sufficient maturity in the field that the question should be, "How can I put the best possible Google map on my site?" There are many ways to answer that question, involving considerations of good web design techniques, usability, coding best practices, and standards compliance. One of the major goals for this book is to put those kinds of answers in your hands, in ways that you can immediately use.

-From the Introduction

Beginning Google Maps Mashups with Mapplets, KML, and GeoRSS is a beginner's guide to programming Google Maps. Written predominantly for the non-programmer, this book is a practical guide to putting Google Maps on your own website, and to using mapplets to put your content on maps.google.com.

You can buy the book from Amazon by clicking on the cover image above. You can also view the table of contents and Chapter 1 online courtesy of Apress, the publisher.

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